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Video and productdemo

Video and productdemo
See the video "how to operate the KSA in practice"

“AVC/EOD/DOD: When it’s a matter of efficient volume reduction”

”AVC/DOD/EOD : Delivers a volume reduction of up to 90% !"

“AVC/EOD/DOD : Tested technique - easy and simple to operate !"

"AVC/EOD/DOD : Delivers a COD and BOD reduction of up to 95%!"

"KSA - Radidally reducing disposal costs!"

“Seeing is believing - Contact our sales department today for a demo"


The Story about the AVC/EOD/DOD

Realising that the average sludge contained a high percentage of water, which was needlessly being transported for disposal at the local waste water Treatment works, Simon Moos decided to develop an on-site system that would take the treatment works to the sludge and the AVC & DOD/EOD where born. The principle behind the MOOS AVC/EOD/DOD system is to deliver a high “volume reduction” of sludge. The EOD/DOD is a pumping and polymer dosing unit. EOD is the electrical driven construction and the DOD is a diesel engine version. The EOD/DOD unit is used to mix polymer into the sludge as it is being pumped into the AVC de-watering container. The mixing of polymer into the sludge creates a flocculation that increases the speed and efficiency of the dewatering process. The EOD/DOD pumps the sludge into the AVC dewatering container where the separation of the water and dry matter occours. The AVC consists of a closed container, equipped inside with filtration screens. The filtration screens drain and de-water the flocculated sludge.

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Customer Case : ADC (Eastanglia) Ltd.

“AVC/DOD from Simon Moos Maskinfabrik A/S is the solution to the difficulties of efficient wet waste disposal.
- Mike Reeve, General Operations Director, ADC

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