What is your demand and wishes ?

We listen to your wishes and demands. Inspire you with the latest well-tested designs and product components. We look upon it from your everyday life. Based on your wishes and demands our engineering and design department prepare a draft. We prepare quotation and specification. We give priority to thoroughness.
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Video and productdemo

Video and productdemo
See a video example from one of our customer specific builds - MOOS Recycler.

“Combi Unit : Customized solutions..." 

“Seeing is beliving - Contact our salesdepartment today - for a demo"


The MOOS Jet-Vac is based on a customer-oriented development concept with a core of objects which express the way Simon Moos Maskinfabrik A/S want to differentiate on the market:

"The customer's demand is the central point"
"Well-tested overall solutions"
"Compact and simple service"
"Short total length"
"Low building height"
"Maximized capacity"
"Balance weight distribution"
"Performances are dimensioned according to the customer's demand"
"Fully hydraulic construction"

The essence in our development and production of the customer designed Jet-Vac is:

"The customer's demand is the central point."


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References : ..from small jetting units to extreme recyclers...

Our resale percentage of 95 and the customers of our reference list is the strongest proof that we live up to our high
quality object. See our references.

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We create customer designed solutions, but as an specific example you can download a brochure for a specific build of the MOOS recycler.
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