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High-Tip : “A simple solution in transferring wet-waste!"

High-Tip : “Saves ground contamination - Saves double handling!”

High-Tip : “Screens & decants the waste!"

High-Tip : "Low running & maintenance costs!"

High-Tip : "Easily Transported, positioned & removed!"

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The Story about the High-Tip

The cost of transporting dewatered sludge to landfill sites can be reduced significantly if you choose the MOOS High Tip System for on site accumulation of for example dewatered sludge from the jet-vac, tankers, MOOS KSA system etc. The dewatered waste which has remained in the initial High Tip reception container will at some point accumulate and require the container to be emptied. Emptying of the container is achieved by operating the hydraulic tipping function of the container. When fully elevated the container will reach a near vertical position and the contents of it will slide out and into a standard solid waste disposal container. Once the solid waste container is full it can be taken away using a standard hook or wire lifting vehicle and transported to a suitable dumping site.

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