KSA Compact

“KSA Compact - dedicated to city and rural areas"

“KSA Compact - it’s a matter of efficient volume reduction of sludge..”

”KSA Compact - delivers upto 90 % volumen reduction of sludge !"

“KSA Compact – smallest edition of the KSA with same basic advantages"

“KSA Compact - tested technique - easy to operate – by one person!"

"KSA Compact - documented efficiency - COD/BOD5 reduction up to 95%!"

"KSA Compact - a radidally reduction in disposal costs!"

“Seeing is beliving - Contact our salesdepartment today - for a demo"


The Story about the KSA Compact

The KSA Compact is mounted on a 2 axle chassis and is the smallest edition to the KSA series.The goals and key features in the development of the KSA Compact were to produce, on the one hand a small versatile mobile unit to dewater sludge’s and on the other to deliver a unit with a high volume capacity. These goals have been reached by balancing the customer’s needs with the practical design and engineering that has gone into producing the KSA Compact. This has resulted in a unit that is ideal when facing dewatering projects with limited access found both in rural and urban situations.

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