KSA - Mobile Sludge Dewatering

Video and productdemo

Video and productdemo
See the video "how to operate the KSA in practice"

“KSA - When it’s a matter of efficient volume reduction of sludge..”

”KSA - delivers upto 90 % volumen reduction of sludge !"

“KSA - tested technique - easy to operate – by one person!"

"KSA - well-documented efficiency - COD and BOD5 reduction up to 95%!"

"KSA - a radidally reduction in disposal costs!"

“Seeing is beliving - Contact our salesdepartment today - for a demo"


The Story about the KSA

The first KSA mobile sludge dewatering unit was build in 1978 by Simon Moos Maskinfabrik A/S. The principle behind the MOOS KSA system is “volume reduction”. Simon Moos realising that an average tanker load of sludge contained a high percentage of water which was needlessly being transported to the waste water treatmentplant, Simon then decided to develop a system that would take the waste water treatment plant to treat the sludge onsite and the KSA was born. With more than 30 years of experience producing the KSA system along with the input received from our customers around the world we are able to offer the KSA in different variants depending on the customer’s bespoke needs.

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KSA Animation


Customer Case : Constructoro Najar, Chile

“The KSA from Simon Moos Maskinfabrik A/S was in fact the only solution to fullfill our demands”
- Fidel Navarro Ulloa, Owner of Constructoro Najar
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Customer Case : Billy Bowie, Scotland

“"With the rising cost of fuel and landfill tax the economic and environmental attributes of the Simon Moos KSA Mobile dewatering system makes the perfect acquisition to our business model."
-Billy Bowie, owner of Billy Bowie special projects ltd.

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